$30,000 Payout

Mar 2017

Recently one of my clients met with a sports injury (ACL) and he called me to ask whether his policies covered him for his surgery.

Told him that yes he is 100% covered. So he went to a Public Hospital to get it checked and get some advice on when they can perform the surgery. As most Public Hospitals are usually packed, they said he can only do the surgery in a month or 2 months time, which was quite a delay as he wanted to have it immediately done.

He called me again to seek advice and I told him to go to a Private Hospital instead to go for the surgery since he is 100% covered for Private and Public Hospital. And so he got his surgery done at Mount Elizabeth Novena and got the best treatment. As per attached a two day hospitalisation costed around $30,000 and it was all paid for. He didn't have to come out a single cent.

That's how important insurance play a role in your life. We don't want bad things to happen to us but unfortunately accidents do happen and it's very important to get yourself adequately covered and protected. Don't wait till it's too late cause $30,000 will fly from your bank account. Get yourself covered when you're healthy and fit because you won't know what will happen.

I am here for you! Thanks Husry Hussin for trusting me with your policies and allowing to share your experience! PM me on how you can go about protecting yourself and your family! Remember don't wait till its too late!! Take care guys and to my muslim brothers and sisters, do have a blessed Ramadhan! #taqwealthassociates

Thanks so much for helping me out when I needed it. I don't know what I would do without your assistance. I'm so grateful for your support.

Husry Hussin